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The Green Economy

June 7, 2010

            In this blog’s November 2nd, 2009 post, Numbers And House, we looked at the place of numbers in the contemporary aesthetic, and how much they tell us about our culture and decision making process. In last week’s Spam Camouflage (5-30-10) we uncovered the incompatibility of the much touted “green” economy (of the future) and the actual “market” economy (of the present). The numbers missing from the aesthetics of the gulf crisis (and boy, there are a lot of numbers involved with that making and doing), or should I say the failure to “connect the dots” (we only do that with terror threats!) further undermines the compatibility of a “green” economy and a “market” centered one.

            “Oh, by the way” news reporting indicates that less than one percent of Louisiana’s GDP is supplied by fishing (shrimp, etc.). And that tourism accounts for less than 4%. But the oil related sector contributes over 16%. Do the math. The state as a business entity- you know, balanced budget, income enhancement, long term investment, etc.- you hear it all the time when school funding comes into play, social programs or parks, security, prisons, etc.- the state would still be ahead if the oil industry, which the state ostensibly regulates (licenses, taxes, collects royalties, etc.), would simply pay off all the folks that live along the coast and tell them to “Go Away!” (much as Alaska pays its residents yearly. OK, not to go away but to keep quiet and not rock the kayak so the arctic goose will continue to lay the golden eggs). Alright, the state would lose out on less than 5% of its GDP which would be offset by 5% of the oil related GDP. But that still leaves over 11%. And, over time, there is much more to be made off of oil than disappearing fish, and tourism. Besides, you can open a gambling casino just about anywhere and create a Vegas style beach environment to wax nostalgic about the passé Red Neck Riviera. The hit to the GDP from tourism would instantly be recouped in spades (literally). Such a display of fiscal savvy never goes unnoticed, or unrewarded by the ever watchful market. The state’s bond ratings, etc. would rise dramatically.  The “market” would “heart LA”.

            Yes Virginia, there really is a “green” economy.