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Ohio Snap Short

February 3, 2017

(Roland Barthes was a French thinker whose interest covered a wide variety of sins, from professional wrestling to photography. His partiality to photography is best remembered for his insight on the photograph itself. Barthes’ unique understanding of the image was of something that had occurred, that was actual at one time, and would never be present again (save for the photographic residue). The description bordered on mourning. Photographs ascribed significance by Barthes could easily be described as incongruous, with the image always inadvertently revealing something not immediately apparent without considered study. In this spirit All The Noose That Is Knot presents vignettes entitled Snap Shorts)


There is nothing sadder than a pick up truck with a snow plow on the front flying down a bright dry highway on a 60 degree day. Even bedded in the barren grass next to a barn, it is the very image of abjection, bearing witness to a work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit somewhat out of sync. Clearing snow was always a sure way to supplement a rural income in Ohio which is witnessing its second “mild” winter (to say the least). It may be good for the wheat, but not so good for those looking to profit from snow covered parking lots and driveways. Temps are above freezing on more days than below. Precipitation, when it has been (and it has been), is mainly in the form of rain, at most a dusting of snow. Cyber illiterate coots recall late January/February as being the coldest time with sledding, ice fishing, and the great blizzard of 78. Cyber savvy scientists, who study this sort of thing, say that the rise in the mean global temps is accompanied by isolated yet equally mean severe weather events. For most of Ohio, for the most part, it has simply been another mild winter. So sad these pick up trucks with the snow plow on the front and on the back, next to the faded green “Let It Snow!” bumper sticker, a fresh new “Make America Great Again” sticker.


The Wisdom Of The Ancients

January 24, 2013

This morning, reaching outside the door for another piece of firewood, I heard the steady thump, thump, thump of water dripping off the roof onto an overturned bucket. Strange… The third week of January has just passed, it is 14 degrees outside and the sun is bright, but bright enough to turn the roof’s snow to water?
I’ve never cared for winter. It brings out the vulnerabilities which retrieves the perverse nostalgia of realizing the painful struggles with winter in my youth. But the dripping from the roof also brings out vulnerability concerns, not some poetic hope of spring. You see, according to 30+ years of bee keeping, it is right on schedule with what I have been experiencing in terms of global warming. No, it’s not the arctic melting away to the joy of Shell oil, and consternation of naturalists. It is the very real impact that this is having on us all, only in small increments, unnoticed in the everyday. Back in the late 70’s, the “wake up” period for bees, trees, etc. was at the start of February. Since then it has slowly crept up so that most things are happening almost two weeks earlier than then, and lasting a good two weeks later in the fall. The dripping is right on schedule. There’s less stopping the sun now than previously. We’re very vulnerable, and no one is paying attention. Yeah, in the back of everyone’s mind is that global warming will effect us all and change everything to our detriment. But it is filed there along with smoking is bad for you, cholesterol is detrimental, obesity ought to be avoided, texting and driving don’t mix, etc. As the experts point out, climate change (like honey badger) don’t care; it will effect us all, rich or poor, republican or democrat, Christian or Muslim. I’ve never cared for winter but I’m a little concerned about what a year without winter will be like in Ohio.
You know, the ancients were on to something. All over the world are architecturally excavated/built sites where ancient people created structure that aligned astronomical phenomena with constructed edifice. The “experts” tell us this was for religious reasons, “art”, or as calendars to determine planting times, etc. Yet it is undeniable that an effort was made, and a considerable one at that, to integrate what was going on “out there” with what is going on “down here”. The denizens of these sites couldn’t help but notice. The constructed site was part of their everyday. We enlightened inhabitants of the 21st century would do well to pay attention to the ancients’ fait accompli. We believe that by putting ourselves “out there” (with the likes of the space station, Hubble telescope, Mars’ robots, etc.), by being “out there”, we don’t need to concern ourselves about the effect the “out there” has on the “down here”.


December 18, 2011

            The global warming-Al Gore-environmental science-Kyoto Treaty-save the penguins hyper engagement of previous years appears to have given way to the convenience and comfort of Happy Feet, the sequel. The denial of scientific prognostication today is at a level unparalleled even by fundamental creationism. In the event of a heart attack or breast cancer, the global science infidels become the born again faithful of the righteousness of scientific study and research. Our president and legislative leaders have opted for addressing our children’s future by promising their parents jobs today. What these jobs create is of no consequence, be it liquid gold from tar sands or golden opportunity at the neighborhood gambling casino. “Job creator” is present day code for entrepreneurial innovators. Some of these capitalize on their business savvy by rewarding themselves the bonus (er, “performance pay”) of wonderful ocean front summer homes or year round residency- postcard views, fresh air and the endless sound of surf. Our present financial crisis was precipitated by folks finding themselves “under water” in terms of the debt to equity ratio of their owner-occupied real estate. Many have chosen to walk away rather than drown. It is mind boggling to try to imagine the financial crisis that will be precipitated when actual real estate finds itself literally under water. Escaping such inundated investment will require the skills of a sailor or swimmer. No amount of job creation will hold back what is now rapidly melting all over the planet. Even the man made islands of Dubai will be hard pressed to stay afloat. What kind of inheritance is that for our children?