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Polar Ohio Snap Short

March 16, 2017

“I won’t be going to this year’s reunion” he said while taking measured calculated sips. “Might as well be a unicorn convention for all it matters. The only thing they’ll talk about is what doesn’t exist or never happened. All that second hand defense they’ve overheard others using – how it just might be, facts aren’t always so, need to keep an open mind and all – will set me off like an overheated lithium ion battery. I don’t need it. They will keep quiet about Junior beating up on his fiancé. Between cigarette puffs my niece will mention that her college educated daughter will be starting a new job. Unmentioned will be that it is her fourth this year. No need to talk of addiction at a family gathering, that’s only for family! Ang’s never employed grand kid will probably show up with a new baby and some young lady no one’s ever seen to cradle it. All news to the boy’s parents. Right. Children having children I can understand, but parents in the dark? And who pays for the delivery? Trumpcare indeed.” He obviously was concerned, but America wasn’t going his way. “They’ll talk about what’s not and act like what is, but isn’t talked about, is just all perfectly normal, and so not worth the bother. Besides, so much more can be said about what isn’t. I mean, Rumsfeld got a lot of miles out of the unknown, both the known unknown as well as the not known unknown.” Alone with his cup that was growing cold, cut off from those he cared about, “family” was quickly becoming just a memory of how great it once was.

Ohio Snap Short

February 3, 2017

(Roland Barthes was a French thinker whose interest covered a wide variety of sins, from professional wrestling to photography. His partiality to photography is best remembered for his insight on the photograph itself. Barthes’ unique understanding of the image was of something that had occurred, that was actual at one time, and would never be present again (save for the photographic residue). The description bordered on mourning. Photographs ascribed significance by Barthes could easily be described as incongruous, with the image always inadvertently revealing something not immediately apparent without considered study. In this spirit All The Noose That Is Knot presents vignettes entitled Snap Shorts)


There is nothing sadder than a pick up truck with a snow plow on the front flying down a bright dry highway on a 60 degree day. Even bedded in the barren grass next to a barn, it is the very image of abjection, bearing witness to a work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit somewhat out of sync. Clearing snow was always a sure way to supplement a rural income in Ohio which is witnessing its second “mild” winter (to say the least). It may be good for the wheat, but not so good for those looking to profit from snow covered parking lots and driveways. Temps are above freezing on more days than below. Precipitation, when it has been (and it has been), is mainly in the form of rain, at most a dusting of snow. Cyber illiterate coots recall late January/February as being the coldest time with sledding, ice fishing, and the great blizzard of 78. Cyber savvy scientists, who study this sort of thing, say that the rise in the mean global temps is accompanied by isolated yet equally mean severe weather events. For most of Ohio, for the most part, it has simply been another mild winter. So sad these pick up trucks with the snow plow on the front and on the back, next to the faded green “Let It Snow!” bumper sticker, a fresh new “Make America Great Again” sticker.

Trending Right Now

February 24, 2011

            Well, as of this week the interest rate on my credit card has gone up 25% and will vary depending on the cost of treasury notes. Did I forget to pay my bill? No. Did I screw up in some way on the ever changing conditions of my card spelled out in fine print on the back of each monthly statement (requiring one of those “as seen on TV” illuminated magnifying glasses to read)? No. The card company simply says they aren’t making enough money off my account. Thus the rate needs to increase to make it worth their while to keep me as a customer. They are being honest and forthright about their need to make more money. This is quite baffling since money is worthless (the Fed is lending it for practically nothing). It’s not like it was wheat or oil and potentially unavailable., And it isn’t as though they are saying that since the price of what is being sold (the money) is so low that we (the sellers) are taking action to get you to buy more. Not that at all. It is more like “we have the market on the product cornered, and now you have no other alternative but to pay us what we decide” (in a sense, through their agency making it potentially unavailable, like wheat or oil).

            Mother Jones came out this week with economic statistics that have been repeatedly available (and touted) since the late 90’s (before the burst of the bubble). Yes folks, 20% of the citizens of the US of A own 80% of the wealth (leaving the other 80% to scrabble over the remaining 20% of wealth, something they just happen not to mention). And yes, 40% of the people of this same country have no net worth, own nothing (Hey, what do you mean nothing? I just bought the latest iPhone). Even this small blog has repeated various published accounts of these figures since 09. But now they appear in color, with neat little graphics, and have come out in Mother Jones. That should make them really hit home this time.

            Gene Sharp was on NPR being interviewed by Steve Inskeep the other morning. He has written some books that are said to have influenced recent activity in Egypt, Tunisia, etc. I’m dubious about that claim so I thought I’d check my source for slow and poor readers (obvious, at least to my credit provider). Not a copy of From Dictatorship To Democracy to be borrowed within the OhioLink library network. Of 2 copies listed, only 1 is extant. One copy is listed as “Missing” (in action? Is the OWU Library now flying the black POW/MIA flag?). The other copy is out and can’t be requested. Coincidence or conspiracy? (Why is the good stuff always so impossible to get, like it was always for someone else? Separate reality theorists?) Don’t use your democracy and your rights creditors will raise the rates. Where was it written that rights are not given but that they are had (inalienably at that)? Who said liberty is not granted, it is taken?

            All this makes me curious about the math (sort of like Zeno’s racetrack). At which ratio level will the separate reality DeBord theorized crumble and implode? Gadhafi is supposedly worth 38 billion (That makes outsourcing security to guard the gates a prudent business expense). “Is J. Lo too soft for ‘Idol’ eliminations?” When the ratio in the US hits 15% of the population owning 85% of the wealth, will the other 85% sit up and take notice that they are fighting over 15% of the wealth? Or will it need to get to 10%? 5%? (sold American!) Maybe Gadhafi and J. Lo are on to something, only just mismanaging the biopolitics?

            My credit card rate went up because the credit card company said they needed to make more than what they have been making to date. That’s their prerogative. In Wisconsin, as well as other states, folks are being told they will have to give up their rights to negotiate contracts. Rights they “had” previously are to be no more, ostensibly because the state is not making enough money.  It has often been said that a recession is when money goes on strike. The “Economics for Dummies” read is that the paper doesn’t buy enough (the aggregate costs more, no one is buying. They are holding back their money). The exchange centers on something else (gold, oil, wheat, etc.). The exchange is not enough. Money is on strike. But a different read is that capitalism is based on the premise that money (capital) must make money; should “earn” it (I love that word “earn”). Those with the money (remember the 20%?) aren’t “earning” enough, and so insist on making more. Hence, money is on strike (Professor Kanth says it is now homogenous globally). Jeez, I love that word “earn”.